Our cause here at WPShirts.com is simple …. we want to see more people use, embrace and love WordPress as much as we do.

We want to promote and spread the use of WordPress as the premiere online software tool for blogs and websites it is … by giving away free WP shirts that get people asking and talking about all things WP.

Viva WordPress!

By the way … this site is in no way, shape or form an official WordPress site or affiliated with WordPress (other than the fact we use it personally and build things that make it even more amazing). We give away shirts. You can’t buy them if you wanted to. We do this to show our love for WordPress and the community.

We’re wholly committed to these terms as shared by the WordPress Foundation (italics from us):

  • The primary purpose of your project is to promote the spread and improvement of the WordPress software — see our mission above … this is about our love for WP and the spread of its use throughout the globe!
  • Your project is non-commercial in nature — as we said, we don’t make money on this. We GIVE AWAY the shirts and eat the price.
  • Your project neither promotes nor is associated with entities that currently fail to comply with the GPL license under which WordPress is distributed – yep, it’s true – all our WordPress themes and plugins are GPL.