The people have spoken, the votes have been counted, and the shirts have been ordered.

The next WPshirts giveaway will be the navy Powered by WordPress. Thanks for all the suggestions you provided in the comments. A special thanks to Jaddie Dodd for the comment that inspired this shirt. Check your e-mail, Jaddie.

So how can the rest of you win this shirt for free? There are two ways.

Method #1. Sign up for our e-mail newsletter. We’ll pick 50 people at random from the list. So if you’ve already signed up for the e-mail updates, you’re already entered!

Method #2. Show us your awesome site that is Powered by WordPress! Leave a link to your site in the comments. We’ll pick what we think are the 5 coolest WordPress-powered sites and the winners will get free shirts! So if don’t think you’re lucky enough to win a random contest, there’s a way to win on pure merit. Excited to see everyone’s amazing WordPress sites and blogs!

Deadline to enter is November 20.